PDF.Capture software by DocuLex
Fast, efficient conversion of paper into searchable (PDF) electronic files.

 Job 1 is to get paper into electronic form.
With PDF.Capture and a quality production scanner, you have an efficient, high-volume scan conversion system, in-house.
PDF.Capture offers automated indexing and push button OCR and PDF creation with no per click fees.  It's easy to learn and use.  Turn file cabinets into fully searchable electronic files for rapid document retrieval.
Convert more than 6,000 pages per day with numerous storage options.  PDF.Capture can export index data to corporate databases or directly to the eCabinet.
PDF.Capture + 60ppm Scanner, estimate $14000.
PDF.Capture Lite + Scanner, estimate under $8000.
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60+ page/minute scanners
by Panasonic

by Ricoh


Automate document capture with PDF.Capture