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TWINHEAD's  'Slimnote'  N2300
Possibly the world's most desirable mobile notebook PC.
( LAPTOP Magazine's Best Buy Award,  December 2001 )
High-Performance, 4.2 lb, 2 Spindle, 12" razor sharp Screen, FireWire, built-in Wireless .
"Is that a Sony?   No!  This has a magnesium alloy case, built-in wireless
 and costs about $1000 less."

  N2300 Specs...
Intel Pentium III processor - speed-step (uPGA2).
64 MB RAM std. 320 MB max.  256K on-die cache.
12.1" TFT XGA display, 1024x768 resolution.
32 MB shared Video RAM. AGP bus. 128bit 3D.
Internal 10/20GB HDD. External USB Floppy.
Internal 56 Kbps V.90 fax/voice/data modem.
Internal 10/100 baseTX Ethernet Adapter.
24x CDROM std.  Opt 8xDVD or DVD/CDRW.
Built-in 802.11b wireless (factory option).
AC-97 Duplex Audio. Hardware volume control.
Two 1-watt stereo spkrs.  Internal Microphone.
85 keyboard, touchpad, scroller, 4 internet keys.
Type II PC Card slot with CardBus & ZV.
Ports: 3 USB, Monitor out, 1394 Firewire, Mic&Line
Port Replicator: Serial, Parallel, PS2, Monitor.
110-240 auto sensing AC adapter.
Lithium Ion Battery 4000mAh, 3 hour run.
Size: 10.8 x 9.7 x 1.2".  4.2 lbs.  Kensington Lock
1 year mail-in Parts & Labor Warranty included
ISO-9002 certified.  Win 98 std. W2K opt.

  PIII-1GHz, 192 RAM, 20 GBHD, 8xDVD, 12"1024 TFT, 56K MODEM, 10/100 LAN,   $1595.
  Opt:  Combo DVD/CDRW $235, 320 RAM total $50,  30GB $90, PortReplicator $110, W2K OS $100.
Economy: 64 RAM, 10 GBHD, 24xCD, 12"1024 TFT, 56K MODEM, 10/100 LAN.   Cel 800 $1195.   P3-850 $1290.

Twinhead Notebooks are without equal on price/performance.
Compare features with any other top name brand.  Then compare prices.
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Twinhead's 'A' line
Configure it your way...   Speed, Power, Features.  Still get best prices.
All have 56K modem, 10/100, lithium battery, carry case, stereo,
 many I/O ports, USB, PC Cardbus, PCI channels and all the latest techno goodies.
 Price ranges shown.  Call for attractive quote (or use Response Center).


A3400    Sleek, Beautiful and Power Packed
Something for everyone.  Celeron to Pentium.  12.5" x 10.3" x 1.6"
3D Sound.  2 PC Card slots.  8MB-32MB Video.   6.5 pounds.
CD, HD, Floppy all COEXIST (3-spindel, all drives built-in).
-  Power:  Celeron 800, PIII 850 or
-  128 MB RAM is standard, expandable to 320 MB RAM.
-  Display 13.3" TFT or 14.1". Both XGA 1024 x 768 resolution.
-  Hard Disk 10 GB Standard.  Choice of 10, 20, 30 GB.
-  24xCDROM is standard.  Optional 8xDVD or Combo DVD/CDRW.
Price Range:  $
999 to $1185 . Typical Add-ons $170-800 (maxed).


A9010    Desk Top Replacement.  Top-of-the-Line.
You can't get more features.  12.5" x 10.2" x 1.6".   7 pounds.
Internet Hot Keys.  Fire Wire.  TV Out.  Two PS/2.
Audio DJ - listen to CDs withour powering on.
16MB S3 Savage Graphics.  3D 2XAGP, S-Video
-  Power:  
Pentium III 850 .    128 RAM, expandable to 320 RAM.
-  24xCDROM is standard.  Optional 8xDVD or Combo DVD/CDRW.
Price:  14.1" XGA TFT  $
1290.  Typical Add-ons $170-800 (maxed).

Visit TWINHEAD.  They are one of the few companys in the world who actually manufacture notebooks, for themselves and for several 'names' you know.