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The Ricoh eCabinet
20 years ago RICOH invented the FAX machine.
Now - an entire Document Management System in one network appliance.

Companies are constantly
faxing, scanning,e-mailing
and copying documents.

Employees may spend 20 % of their time filing and searching for documents.  That's one day per week.
Fast, secure access to diverse information can give you a competitive edge in business.  Eliminating the paper chase can save a fortune .
One device can capture all your vital documents,
make business content immediately accessible
and backs-up all your data while it works.
           The Ricoh 'eCabinet' is it.

      The eCabinet makes it easy to capture
       all your documents and find them fast.

The eCabinet is an intelligent, automated electronic filing cabinet.
 Simple.  Fast.  Secure.

The 'eCabinet'  will automatically capture, OCR, PDF, index and catalog all of your day-to-day documents. 
You control what to store and who has permission to access the documents from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser. 
It automatically backs-up the archive as you store.  No reminder necessary.  Disaster recovery is assured.
It's simple to install and use and it blends into the way you handle your paper flow now. 
There is no complicated software to learn and no user access license fees to pay. 
In fact, the eCabinet costs less than a years salary for a document clerk and will save even more.

  eCabinet System highlights...
- Automatic capture and catalog
- Minimal user intervention
- Standard web-browser access
- No new software to learn
- No interruption to network
- No user license fees to pay
- Automatic back-up of data
- Rapid system payback
- Attractive yearly cost savings
- Improved customer responsiveness
- Improved operational efficiency

    web strategies...
This is the easy way to enable secure document access for field employees, branch offices and key customers.

How much money will you save with the eCabinet?   You will eliminate most manual intervention for managing paper and the time spent looking for or recreating lost documents.

More importantly -  you will increase INCOME with enhanced efficiency,
collaboration and new strategies for customer services.
You don't have to change the way you do business.
You just find what you need, fast.   It's easy.   It's automatic.   It's cost friendly.

Today - The Paper Chase


Content Management,  Collaboration,  Workflow


The eCabinet is an intelligent, automated, electronic filing cabinet.

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and we'll give you a guided tour of the eCab features and benefits.


     eCabinet customers ask...

What will an eCabinet do for me?
The eCabinet is the easiest way to capture, file and retrieve paper and digital documents.  It will PDF, OCR, index, catalogue, organize, store and back-up the entire archive, automatically.  You get simple web-browser access to your critical business documents.  You can see the archive by lists, thumbnails or a calendar view and you can find any document by content, topic, source, date, keyword or free text search.
How do we set up the eCabinet?
Plug-in the eCab, assign it an IP address and it's ready to receive documents on your network.  Capacity is about 5 million pages on the desktop eCabinet.  Images are backed-up on removable discs on the internal DVD-RAM recorder.  You can also backup to NFS storage (DVD Towers, RAID arrays, or SEC approved WORM media).
What about security?
File security - The administrator assigns users or groups that own the documents or folders.  Password protection ensures that users see only the folders or documents they own.
Disaster recovery - Both the images and the index are backed-up on secure media.  Even after a disaster, the eCabinet can completely rebuild the archive from the backup storage.
How do we capture documents?
EFFORTLESS CAPTURE - there are 3 ways to put documents into the eCabinet.
Capture as you work - create a computer document, right click, select 'capture' to eCabinet.
Routing - send copies of incoming or outgoing emails and faxes to eCabinet automatically.
Batch capture - routinely place electronic pages or scanned documents in designated folders.  The eCabinet can read selected folders during the day or after hours and process the pages.
How much money will I save with eCabinet?
You will eliminate most manual intervention for managing paper.  You eliminate time spent looking for or recreating lost documents.  A department with 5 clerical persons and 10 file cabinets may save over $35,000 per year  Or, just multiply hours spent x salary = savings.  The eCabinet investment can pay for itself in a few months.

How can I make better business with eCabinet?
PRODUCTIVITY  -   Customer response improves dramatically when you have rapid access to documents.  You can give your Customers internet access to (selective) documents that concern them  (example:  a law firm archives case records for affiliates to access on-line).
Synchronize between offices -  eCabinet can synchronize daily document collections with other eCab units (imagine a multi-branch bank having daily updated customer signature cards at every branch).
Access for fee -  If your business includes providing information for a fee, you can automate customer access and remove clerical intervention, thus increasing profit (example: municipal records at the county clerks office or the court house).
What does an eCabinet system cost?
The eCabinet appliance costs $13,995.  If you need a network scanner, we like the HP Digital Sender (about $3400) which scans pages into e-docs directly to the eCabinet.  Installation and Training is one day.
What if we want a larger capacity, faster, full enterprise solution!
We saw this coming.  The eCabinet-2001 Enterprise Edition has a faster processor, twice the on-board memory and storage, is rack mountable and is scalable up to 100 concurrent users.

We already have a document management system in place!
With it's low cost and ease-of-use, the eCabinet can augment existing document systems.  It will off load much of the manual process these systems require.  Since there is no special software to learn and no user license fees to pay, the eCabinet can be strategically deployed to ease departmental operations and cut costs.