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Turning information content into business intelligence.

Strategic Advantage
- Executive Summary -

Document Management Solution
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The value of information depends on your ability to find it and make it available when and where it is needed.  Job-1 is to transform vital documents into retrievable, electronic form.
Fast, secure access to diverse information provides a competitive edge in business decisions, collaboration, support activities, customer responsiveness and e-business.
All enterprise document systems rely on basics - database, archive, retrieval and reporting.  Some are extremely complex, require major resources to implement and manage and are hugely expensive.
By focusing on these core capabilities with highly efficient, dedicated components, IMS delivers comprehensive solutions that are easy to use and manage, and cost less.
We employ award-winning hardware and software configured to meet each customer's unique requirements.  Our systems bring simplicity and flexibility to the process of managing information content. 

IMS provides turnkey solutions for the capture, control and communication of information.  They are built to do what you need it to do.
Capture -  one input flow designed to
           feed all processes.
Access -  centralized management of
           all information content.
Storage -  network attached or remote
           access, CD/DVD/RAID options.
Delivery  -  electronic retrieval, data
           distribution, cost-effective media.
Publishing  -  on-demand, web-enabled
           data, enterprise-wide.
          Information Access is the Key
Our system solutions help you establish sound procedures for managing information while opening the way for new opportunities:
Information portals - share information.
Transform data into Internet documents
Eliminate microfilm's costly creation
Link information to business process.
Enabling dynamic web content, customer
     profiling, self-service, order management.

Think of IMS as your contractor.   We will help you plan, justify, acquire and implement the best system solution to meet your requirements and budget. 

See our 'System Solutions' page for how to do the things most companies need to do.  If your application has unique requirements, that's where IMS excels.  IMS is not limited to any one brand of software or hardware.  Products and prices change.  IMS customers get the best prices, service, advice and support possible, from year to year to year.  IMS Response Center - 4U

That's what we mean by being 'your resource' .  Call us (212 741-8765).  
use our Visitor Response Center and we'll contact you.