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DMS-1 and Liberty IMS
Turning information content into business intelligence.

A 'full-spectrum' Information Management System
Liberty delivers far more value at lower cost than comparable products.
Easy to use.  Easy to customize.  Single, consistent interface. 
Scalable.  Network Independent.
Liberty Net provides a live, customized solution for Information Management
Based on a single, fully integrated architecture, all modules work together seamlessly:

    Image Management   (Scanning, Archiving and Retrieving)
    Document Management   (electronic files, faxes, e-mails, multimedia)
    Data Security   (control of access & usage, disaster recovery)
    Workflow   (Routing/Distribution and Rules based Processing)
    ERM    (Enterprise Report Management, COLD)
    Storage Management   (RAID, Optical, HSM)
    Internet & Intranet Access    (through any web browser)

Competitive Advantages of the Liberty Information Management System:
Quick, flexible, deployment
Allows systems to be brought up in a controlled, cost-effective fashion.
Designs and incremental changes can be rolled out quickly.
Easy integration with line-of-business applications.
Adaptable to changing business requirements
Application designs can be altered in real-time or easily ported between applications.
Gives you the freedom to change your mind without excessive expense.
Smoothly scalable as systems grow -
Incrementally add new locations, applications or users to an existing system.
The Liberty Application Builder allows flexible customization without expensive programming.
Liberty Net can run multiple database servers simultaneously
Oracle for a centralized repository, SQL Server at larger sites, Dbase at smaller sites,and one search heterogeneously retrieves and consolidates this data in one view.
Greater Value -
Liberty IMS, founded 1987, has demonstrated a long-term commitment and a proven track record of support for customers and their installations, worldwide.

Image Management Systems, Inc. is an authorized reseller of Liberty Net solutions, providing management consulting, needs analysis, system implementation and support.