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GLOBALSTAR Satellite Phones

Globalstar Satellite Phones provide convenient, reliable connectivity over their new 2nd generation satellite system.  When your're beyond the reach of available (or cellular) phone service, Globalstar can save the day.
For emergency preparedness, or remote exploration, Globalstar phones provide great voice quality at low prices. Data connections are easy too (at over 9600 bps). Covering most land mass and wide areas at sea, the service is excellent.
Traveling?   Globalstar phones save money.
Many buildings choose our Fixed (roof mounted)** phones for alternative comms in case of blackout.
Do your offices have backup communications?

   BUY or RENT  Globalstar Phones from IMS
                  and Stay Connected.
 click  OVERVIEW - Globalstar products  (PDF)   

Stay in touch. Stay prepared.  

Globalstar - GSP-1700 with Data Connect
Globalstar 1700 Phone $499.
Building mount phones available.

Easy-to-use.    Easy-to-order.   Call IMS.   Or use order form below (PDF).
"How to use your Globalstar Phone"    

Globalstar Purchase Form
Phone Retail $499.  Discounts often available.
Airtime plans - starting at 25 cents/minute

Rental Form:  about $70 /week 
FREE days allowed.
Airtime varies. 

Portable Docking Station with G-Phone

 Portable Docking Station "Bag Phone"
Take it anywhere, set up in one minute.
A hands-free cradle holds your Globalstar mobile phone in this handsome cordura carry bag. (9x12x6").   Includes privacy handset, speaker, microphone, cig lighter power adapter and a removable mag mount (hockey puck) antenna on 18 foot cable.  Data connection as well.
Truly portable convenience.   Retail $825. 
Grab & Go from car to boat to home or cabin. 

Disaster Preparedness - Dependable Backup
** Building Phone System provides dependable dial tone even during power failure, land phone system failure and cellular jamming.  Fixed mount antenna and base phone adapter enables connection of multiple desk or cordless phones.  Supports 9600 bps data.  Cabling upto 700 feet. 
Price $1500 + options 

Pelican Case Accessories:
Watertight Pelican Case
  Spare Batteries
  Car Mount Kit
  Marine Kit
  Data Kit - 9.6 Kbps
      internet & email.
Call IMS to discuss your requirements.

IMS customers get the best prices, the best service and the foremost support (and advice) possible, from year to year to year.  That's what we mean by being 'your resource'.