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High Speed Data Solutions
- for Inmarsat Transmission -

IMS provides consulting, equipment and global airtime services for a wide variety of corporate voice and data transmission applications.  Our systems meet the demands of today's applications which usually require finesse, as well as solid equipment, support and reliable service. 

'M4'  Service:  Inmarsat M4 type terminals are light-weight (9 pounds), all-digital voice + high-speed data phones.  Being highly mobile devices, M4s provide traditional high-quality voice and 64 Kbps High Speed Data transmission.  M4 satphones open up a new era of personal mobile office communication.

'B' Service:  For the past 3 years B service has provided a digital channel for a range of transmission opportunities, including high quality (16 Kbps) voice, Group-III fax at 9.6 Kbps, and data at 9.6 Kbps and 56/64 Kbps. This latter 56/64 Kbps is an all-digital Duplex High Speed Data (DHSD) link that opens a whole array of capabilities for Inmarsat users.

Products for enhanced Voice and Data Transmission (real 'airtime' money savers):

-   Synchronous Communications Controller (ffastest) Boards and Cards.
-   'Just File Transfer' software for multiuser file management.
-   Multitech 'Datatalker' Viice/Data multiplexer.

visit one of our affiliates: Comspec Digital Products, Inc. for more details.

Call IMS for these or other fine product solutions.

IMS provides mobile, transportable or vehicular mounted facilities for multiplexed voice and high-speed data.  Ask us about fixed or mobile earth stations, VSAT Systems and services, on-site planning and consulting or project development.

Consultation designed to ensure success.

  • Proven, trouble free equipment.
  • Engineering know-how to make it work consistently.
  • Competent handling of global customer transmissions.
  • Attractive pricing for all airtime services.
  • Reliable consolidated account management.
  • Customer satisfaction - worldwide, since 1980.

IMS is aligned with leading manufacturers and engineering groups with a reputation for quality, know-how and worldwide responsiveness.  Call to discuss your requirements or use our convenient Response Center.  IMS Response Center - 4U