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Portable System for Satellite Delivery of Critical Content
Broadcast News     Live Events     Emergency Medical

News breaks anywhere.  Emergencies happen in the most remote locations.    Field Ops, Video Conferencing - all involve time critical content and are likely to occur beyond the reach of reliable telecommunications.  Until now.
IMS is pleased to present... NEWSLINK - a portable system for remote site video and data transmission.  NEWSLINK works over the high speed data channels of the INMARSAT Global Satellite Network.  It can be setup in minutes for capture and transmission of video news feeds or voice and data conferencing from anywhere on the planet.
NEWSLINK combines the rugged new e-lite M4 Inmarsat terminal with the award winning SCOTTY Mobile Video-Data Communications Unit.  The result is a new level of reliability.  

NEWSLINK is a versatile communication system, enabling two-way videoconferencing, remote expert consulting, tele-medicine, or coordination of military, disaster or crisis management activities.  For the Broadcaster, the NEWSLINK system ensures that live event coverage or sensitive content can get to the broadcast center quickly and without risk of loss or confiscation.

e-lite Inmarsat M4 Satellite Terminal 

The e-lite M4  Inmarsat Satellite Terminal
 The e-lite satcom supports all Inmarsat GAN (Global Area Network) services, including 64 Kbps access to the Internet or to private networks, 4.8 Kbps mini-M voice, 3.1 KHz Audio, and Inmarsat Packet Data Service.  STU-III encryption security is supported.  Dual elites can be bonded for 128 Kbps.
The e-lite features a rugged, one-piece (16 inch square) Antenna, long-life batteries and numerous interfaces in a light weight (12 lb) unit that can be deployed in minutes and is ready for dependable service in the harshest environments. 

 The SCOTTY Mobile Video-Data Comm Unit
The SCOTTY Mobile is a video studio in a water-proof, shock-resistant (military tested), all-in-one communications unit.  SCOTTY includes an industrial PC, high-resolution camera, industrial display screen, speaker, microphone, DC power supply, multiple network interfaces and a switching matrix that manages numerous in/outputs for external audio and video.  The SCOTTY enables high speed data transfer, digital video recording and compression, video store and forward, live video and traditional H.320/H.323 videoconferencing.  It runs over VSAT, ISDN, leased-line or satellite.

Visit the SCOTTY website 

Pricing (approximate):   
NEWSLINK  Portable Field System w MPEG hardware encoding -
System Pkg
Single Satcom (40 lbs) 64 Kbps - $40,000.     Dual Satcom Kit (52 lbs) 128 Kbps - $50,000.
SCOTTY Pro Max Studio System  - approx $13000.   Various options are available.

Staying connected:
The NEWSLINK system from IMS combines the very finest video/audio/data capture facility with the newest, most reliable Inmarsat mobile satellite phone.  Versatility means convenience and connectivity.

NEWSLINK Operation:
" Field to Premises" operation, live video is digitized (up to 3 MBPS) and compressed, at user definable levels, onto a hard disk in the SCOTTY.  During transmission, the compressed video is sent in store and forward mode via satellite to a Land Earth Station (LES) and then over ISDN phone service to the TV Station broadcast premises.  There it is stored on the hard disk of the SCOTTY Pro Max Studio System.  On demand, the random-access video/audio file is viewable and transferable to the TV Station's editing or on-air equipment.
"Field to Field" operation, one NEWSLINK system can communicate by satellite (at 64 Kbps or 128 Kbps dual terminal) to another similarly equipped NEWSLINK system in full duplex.
"Store and Forward " - from SCOTTY's Hard Disk.  Record high-res video in standard H.320 mode.  Type your story.  Save all.  Connect to satcom(s).  Send to HQ.  Receive Pulitzer.

Live Video Broadcast" - simple - Camera to SCOTTY to dual (bonded 128 Kbps) satphones, to ISDN to Studio.

The video is on the hard drive, destination - the studio.   The Subject is stepping to the podium.  The Crisis Center is waiting to advise...

Go live now, with NEWSLINK.