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Global Satellite Communications
- Products & Services-

Wherever business or personal travel may take you, be sure you can stay connected.

Satellite phones (satcoms) connect you directly via satellite to your destination phone or computer from anywhere in the world.  They operate independently of any local telephone or cellular system and provide ready connectivity for voice, fax or data communications.

Some satcoms are handheld (Globalstar), some are notebook size (Inmarsat Mini-M).  Others are designed for sending high-speed data (HSD) or Video over satellite links (Inmarsat M4), providing opportunities for video conferencing, tele-medicine or mass data transmission to and from the most remote locations.

IMS helps customers ensure success with solutions for global wireless communications.  Our systems meet the demands of today's applications which usually require finesse, as well as solid equipment, support and reliable service. 

Since 1980, we have represented leading manufacturers and engineering groups with a reputation for quality, know-how and worldwide responsiveness.  Call to discuss your requirements or use our convenient Response Center.  IMS Response Center - 4U

Product Highlights

Handheld Cellular + Satellite. Voice & Data Service. Mobile, car, office, boat solutions.

Mobilfone Mini-M
Truly global voice, fax and email. Inmarsat basic, several models.

M-4  (HOT)
Mobile ISDN. Multi channel voice+ 64 Kbps.

Marine Mini-M
Boat phones. Various models. Personal to 64 Kbps.

Car Phones
Complete car kits from Mini-M to HSD 64 Kbps. Chase car outfitting. Call.

      Satcom Solutions from IMS

  • Consultation designed to ensure success.
  • Proven, trouble free equipment.
  • Engineering know-how to make it work consistently.
  • Competent handling of global customer transmissions.
  • Attractive pricing for all airtime services.
  • Reliable consolidated account management.
  • Customer satisfaction - worldwide, since 1980.

IMS is member of the 0-1-5 Worldwide Partnership

- Global Airtime Service Plans
- Multi-national billing
- Shore-to Ship low rates
- International 800 # Access
- Licensing assistance
- Equipment Rental, Leasing
- Smart Card usage programs
- Marine installation referrals
   (we suit your requirements)

IMS is an INMARSAT Partnership Company
specializing in system solutions for information management and communications.

Special Apps
Ask IMS about:

2-button Internet Access
Video Teleconferencing
Tele Medicine
VSAT Corporate Data
(Other apps ??  Just ask.)

System Topics

Personal Satphones - Mini-M

Inmarsat-phones. Global voice, fax, data.


Handheld Cellular/Satellite combo phones.


Truely global satellite service. About Inmarsat.

Inmarsat M4

New generation voice & data transceivers

High Speed Data Transfer

Save money on volume transmissions.


Portable System for TV News Feeds.

Video Teleconferencing

Link to your net, talk, see and do.

Fixed and Transportable Systems

VSATs - for powerful information transfer.