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Inmarsat M-4
- Portable Satellite Communications - High Speed Data - Mobile ISDN -

e-lite M4
The OSS e-lite M4 terminal is designed for truly rugged applications requiring the high speed data capabilities of Inmarsat's new Global Area Network (GAN).

With its one-piece antenna, it can be installed and used in the harshest environments without worrying about intermittent antenna connections that wreak havoc on high speed data links.

supports all of Inmarsat's GAN services including mobile packet data service (MPDS), mini-M high quality voice and fax, and STU-III calls using the 3.1kHz audio ISDN.

128 Kbps data rate can be realized using the unique dual terminal bonding feature.
e-lite M4 is combined with the SCOTTY Video Codec in our NEWSLINK System.
NEWSLINK enables live Video-over-Satellite and Videoconferencing applications.

Full Inmarsat M4 voice and data features
- STU-III connection via RJ-11
     (no terminal adapter required)
Single piece rugged antenna suitable for
     fixed installations
- Remote antenna deployment (up to 70 m)
- Flexible mounting provisions (tripod or pole)
- Hard and soft transit cases available
- Long life NiMH batteries included
- IPDS (Inmarsat Packet Data Service)

Complete Package Portable Terminal
IDU Indoor Console Unit, ODU Outdoor Unit Antenna and Front End Unit, Five meter Antenna Cable, Two NiMH Batteries, Universal Power Supply (110-220 VAC), Antenna Pole Mount Bracket, Reinforced Soft Case, CDROM Instructions, Quick Start Guide, Compass.  Price - $9500.
Optional:  Antenna Cables - 5 to 70 meters.  Battery Pack $95.  Hard Transit Case $550.  Bonding Cable for Dual Terminal Connection.

Staying connected:
The e-lite M4 is the newest, most reliable Inmarsat mobile satellite phone.
Versatility means convenience and connectivity.

Interfaces:  Integrated handset.  2 RJ-11 External telephone, DECT station or PABX.  ISDN 4-wire RJ-45.  RS-232.  USB.  X.21.  RS-449.  SIM card reader.

Specifications - Physical
Weight  -  5.5kg (12 lbs) (antenna + transceiver).
Size-stowed mm/(in) 92/(3.6) x 400/(15.7) x 400/(15.7).
Antenna deployed 400/(15.7) x 400/(15.7).

Standard Inmarsat   Mobile ISDN Services
ISDN basic rate interface; NT1 S/T bus ITU-T I.430.
56/64kb/s data (UDI);   56/64kb/s speech.
128kb/s with ISDN Bonding to second GAN terminal.
3.1kHz audio;   4.8kb/s AMBE voice.
Inmarsat Packet Data Services (IPDS).
Secure voice STU-III, STU-IIB,STE using HSD services.

Power Consumption 55W max., Power Input 9-32 Volts DC, AC Adapter for 90-265 VAC.
Internal Batteries 2 NMH (standard camcorder type).
Battery Capacity - Standby 50 hrs., Voice up to 6 hours, ISDN up to 3 hours.
EnvironmentalAntenna Wind speed -km/hr(mph)180/(112) (pole mount).
Operating Temperature -
C( F) -25(-13) to +55(131).
Storage Temperature 40(-40) to +80(176).
Humidity 100% condensing,
95% non-condensing @ 40 degC.
Shock at 20g/11ms half sine.